January 6, 2020

Top 10 Important Blog Posts from 2019 Pt. 2


Below are the remaining posts of the top 10 posts from 2019. These readings outline essential information and useful tools to prepare for the journey of becoming an RN in the United States.

6. The NCLEX: Timeline, Studying, and Fees

Since it is one of the biggest hurdles in becoming an RN in the U.S., passing the NCLEX is a top priority for most Registered Nurses. Therefore, we are passionate about helping nurses pass this exam.

7. Deployment Locations & Visiting Other States

Interstaff deploys nurses to several states across America. Once nurses learn of their deployment location, they can research the area and pertinent information.

8. Checklist Items Before Applying

To ensure a smoothe application process, there are a few items that should be checked before submitting an application.

9. Proper Resume Format

Every nurse must submit an active nursing license and an updated resume/CV as part of their application. Applicants need to ensure that their resume is fully up-to-date and in the proper format.

10. Resources to Find a Job for Spouses

Once your location has been chosen, spouses can do online research for employment opportunities in the area.

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