December 31, 2019

Top 10 Important Blog Posts from 2019 Pt. 1


As we wrap-up 2019, we’d like to highlight the most important blog posts of 2019. These posts outline essential information and useful tools to prepare for the journey of becoming an RN in the United States. The top 5 are as follows:

1. Information & Requirements of the CES Report

Securing the CES Report is one of the first steps to complete once you become an Interstaff nurse. This report provides a detailed analysis of the credentials earned at multiple levels of nursing education, and it is needed to secure licensure and employment in the U.S.

2. How to Prepare for an Interstaff Interview

The interview stage is a very important part of the process. Interstaff looks for a great character in addition to your skillset. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you prepare for the interview.

3. Premium Processing & Current Immigration Status

Typically, Interstaff’s entire process takes about 18-24 months. Completing the CES Report and studying for the NCLEX and IETLS requires a great deal of time. However, nurses who have passed the NCLEX, IELTS, and their immigration status is current, qualify for premium processing.

4. How to Stand Out Among Competition

Interstaff’s interview process has become increasingly competitive due to the high number of applicants. It is important to understand that meeting our requirements doesn’t automatically guarantee employment with us. There are numerous factors that affect the decision-making process.

5. Length of the Agreement & FAQs

The length of Interstaff’s agreement is three years—totaling to 6240 hours. The timeframe is not negotiable and can’t be reduced under any circumstances. Below are the most frequently-asked-questions pertaining to the agreement.