August 20, 2019

The NCLEX: Timeline, Studying, and Fees


Since it is one of the biggest hurdles in becoming an RN in the U.S., passing the NCLEX is a top priority for most Registered Nurses. Therefore, we are passionate about helping nurses pass this exam.

After a nurse signs an agreement with Interstaff, the first step is to complete the CGFNS’ CES Report. This process takes roughly three-to-four months. Once they receive their certificate, nurses are then ready to study for the NCLEX.

The review is three months and free for all nurses. If individuals are deemed “ready to test” after the review, we will cover their NCLEX registration fee and provide up to $750 towards travel costs (not applicable to all countries). If a nurse is considered “not ready” to test then they must purchase another review ($99 or more) on their own and they will not receive the $750 towards travel.

There are testing centers in the UK, India, and the Philippines. In most cases, individuals may choose the location of where they’d like to take the exam. Nurses should be aware that they’ll need to obtain a visa to enter the country prior to taking the exam. Interstaff will write a letter to the consulate but we do not assist in the process.

So, overall, a nurse can expect to sit for the NCLEX approximately 6-8 months after they sign an agreement with Interstaff.