August 14, 2019

Placement in the U.S. & Visiting Other States


Interstaff deploys nurses to several states across America. These states include Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, and more. Clients are chosen for the nurse approximately 3 months before deployment, and placement is based upon the nurse’s experience and the hospital’s availability. Once nurses learn of their deployment location, they can research the area. Information regarding daycare and schools for kids, job opportunities for spouses, and fun things to do for the family can all be found online.

Nurses are not able to choose their location because it isn’t certain if the job will be available when they’re ready to deploy. However, nurses are able to move to any U.S. state once the three-year agreement has ended.

If nurses are interested in visiting other states, they are more than welcome to do so during the three-year term. They can travel by bus, train, or airplane. Each state is different in its own way and is fun to explore. Some states are famous for certain foods, celebrations, accents, and more.

The U.S is full of various customs and is ready to welcome you to its melting pot of cultural diversity!