October 9, 2019

NCLEX Referral Bonus


Do you know anyone who has taken the NCLEX or scheduled to take the exam, but has not yet applied to Interstaff? If so, you have an opportunity to earn money through our NCLEX Referral Bonus program! Please see below for details.

Criteria For Nurse:

  • Must have passed the NCLEX before applying to Interstaff.
  • Must be currently working full-time at a tertiary hospital (100+ beds).
  • Must have an active nursing license and at least two years of experience in their current unit/ward.

Bonus Details:

  • Referrals must be noted at the time a nurse applies with Interstaff! Any referrals noted afterward will not be considered.
  • For individuals who refer the nurse, the total NCLEX referral bonus is $750 USD and the normal $3000 USD for the NCLEX passer.
  • $150 goes to the referrer once the nurse’s status is updated to “I-140 approved,” and then $600 ninety days after the nurse is deployed.

If you know someone who meets the above criteria, please send them this link: http://bit.ly/2lzZI7p