October 15, 2019

Proper CV Format


Every nurse must submit a copy of their nursing license and an updated resume/CV as part of their application. Applicants must ensure that their resume is fully up-to-date and in the proper format. 

Please edit your resume to ensure it follows the guidelines set below.

Format instructions:

  • Please specify the name of the hospital for each position.
  • Beginning and ending dates must be specified for each position listed. [example: May 2017 – July 2019].
  • For the hospital where you currently work, write that date that you started, and then write that it is “current.” [example: May 2017 – Current].
  • Include the unit/ward for each job position, especially your current unit/ward
  • Beginning and ending dates must be specified for each unit/specialty you have worked at each hospital. 
  • List only paid work experience acquired after obtaining your nursing license—internship or educational experience is not considered.
  • Font type and font size do not matter.
  • Hand-written CVs or screenshots of your CV are not accepted.

Below is an example of a properly-formatted resume/CV.