November 6, 2019

Resources to Find a Job for Spouses


A common question we receive is “will you assist my spouse with finding employment?” Though we would love to, we, unfortunately, do not. However, there are various resources to find employment for your spouse.

Clients will be chosen for the nurse approximately 3 months before deployment. Once your location has been chosen, spouses can do online research for employment opportunities in the area. There are three main websites to use: Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. These sites are easy to use and allow you to upload your resume for quick applications.

Additionally, our client hospitals have been known to hire spouses for various jobs around the hospital. So once your client is chosen, you can ask if they have an internal job board that lists job openings. Or, a nurse may ask other Insterstaff nurses in the area where their spouse was able to find employment.

Just remember, the key to finding employment is to stay persistent! An opportunity will come in due time.