November 12, 2019

Ways to Manage Stress at Work


Everyone has experienced stress at work at some point in their career. Stressors may include conflict with coworkers, salary, excessive workloads, clients, etc. The most important thing is to manage the stress so it doesn’t affect your performance at work or your personal life. According to the American Psychological Association, there are several ways for an individual to manage stress. We’ve listed our favorite 3 below:

  1. Develop Healthy Responses: While it is common for many people to cope with stress by eating or drinking alcohol, healthier options include exercising, reading, or indulging in a favorite activity. It is also beneficial to get a quality night’s rest and disengage from technology.
  2. Learn How to Relax: Meditation and breathing techniques can be very helpful. Another technique is to start every day with positive affirmations about yourself, your life, and your work. A positive mentality can transcend negative emotions.
  3. Establish Boundaries: A healthy work-life balance is important to maintain. The phrase “leave work at work” has great significance but it may be difficult for some to truly live it. Make sure to not engage in work activities, talk about work activities, or think about work activities when you’re not at work.

There are many other ways to manage stress at work. Simply find what works best for you and strive to live a stress-free lifestyle.