November 21, 2019

Popular U.S. Customs


The United States is a melting pot of cultural foods, religious beliefs, musical taste, clothing style, and much more. But even though America is culturally diverse, there are some customs that foreigners must become acquainted with.

  • Being on time is very important, especially for work-related events.
  • The U.S. is a very individualistic society. We value individual thinking and independence.
  • Greeting styles depend on your relationship with the other person. Handshakes are for first-time greetings and professional relationships, and hugs are for personal relationships.
  • Americans value their privacy and personal space. Standing too close to someone you don’t know can make them very uncomfortable.
  • Americans are very concerned with personal hygiene and cleanliness. Bathing daily and wearing deodorizes and perfume-related products are the norm.
  • Tipping for services received is also custom. Such services include restaurant dining, hair and nail salons, and valet parking.

There are more customs associated with American culture but these are among the most common.