May 26, 2022

Processing and Immigration




The Processing stage begins as soon as a candidate signs Interstaff’s Registered Nurse Service Agreement. We appoint each nurse with a dedicated Processing Officer (PO) to assist with their USRN journey from start to finish. They receive an introductory email from their PO and continue to get detailed instructions to guide them through each step. View our Processing Officers video to learn more about our POs and their role at Interstaff.


Many nurses are eager to start studying for the NCLEX immediately. However, there are a few steps to complete beforehand. Such actions include the CGFNS’ CES Report and the State Board application. Once a nurse submits the PO’s requested items, they may begin the review period. The review is free and contains practice questions, modules, and more. Nurses can expect to take the NCLEX approximately 9-12 months into the process. 


A nurse enters the immigration stage after they pass the NCLEX and the IELTS. The first step is filing an I-14O petition. Some of the documents required at this stage include; a current nursing license and resume, university/ college transcripts, university/ college diploma, employment verification, valid passport, and other items that the PO will request from the nurse. 


I advise nurses to follow the instructions given by their Processing Officers closely. It’s important to send the correct documents in the right format by the given due date to avoid any potential delays. The process may not go exactly as planned, but we encourage everyone to believe in themselves, work hard, and trust the process. Your time to become a USRN will surely come! Always have faith in yourself,” said Monette Poquiz, Processing Supervisor. 


You may view the remaining steps of our process here. We continuously strive to improve our approach to help reduce the time it takes nurses to attain their U.S. RN dream. If you want to start your USRN journey today, please click here: Sign Up


Our next blog will discuss our nurses’ placement process with a US hospital. Stay tuned!