June 30, 2022

Embassy Interview Process


Embassy Interview Process

The embassy interview stage is exciting because it’s the last step of the USRN process before relocating to the States. There is nothing to be worried about in this interview process, the questions will all relate to the information you previously provided to the embassy, and the tips below will help you prepare. Our nurses can expect to relocate to the U.S. approximately 3-6 months after they complete their embassy interview. 

To get ready for the interview, gather all of the proper documents. The NVC has a checklist for reference, and the Consulate is also available to assist you. Make sure you bring your Interstaff Job offer, Visa screen certificate, original documents, and a set of your photocopies. 

  1. Be Punctual and Professional

It is essential to be at the U.S Embassy at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before your appointment. Wear formal or semi-formal attire with closed-toe shoes.

  1. No Electronic gadgets, Foods, and Drinks

Do not bring electronic gadgets, cellphones, or other prohibited goods into the embassy. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the embassy.

  1.   Accompanying Persons:

Only the applicants are allowed to enter the waiting room or to the interview.

What is expected of you during the interview?

  • Provide truthful answers
  • Do not provide false information
  • Do not provide inappropriate answers
  • Do not avoid or skip questions. It would be best if you were open and direct with the Consul.
  • Answer the questions confidently. Keep regular eye contact when listening to a question or giving answers.

After the Visa interview: 

Upon approval: You will receive a document that provides instructions on obtaining your Visa. Your Visa packet will be available 7-10 days after the interview.

When you receive a sealed envelope with your Visa, it should be carried in your hand luggage, UNOPENED, and submitted to the immigration inspector at the U.S. port-of-entry.

After your interview, Interstaff’s Employee Services team will contact you to start planning your relocation to the United States.

If you already had an embassy interview, you may view the status of your application here.

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