July 15, 2022

Interstaff’s EB-3 Visa Program


EB-3 Visa Overview

The EB-3 Visa is an employment-based green card for skilled, professional, or other workers. Registered Nurses are eligible for the EB-3 Visa (Green Card) under those qualifications. Interstaff, as the employer, petitions the nurses’ immigration process by filing an I-140 form, and one of our skilled Processing Officers will manage your process. Nurses may relocate to the U.S. with their lawfully wedded spouse and unmarried children 21.

Once the immigration process is complete (approximately 22-28 months), the nurse and their family will have U.S. permanent residency. Spouses are allowed to obtain employment, and children may attend school. 

Nurses are placed in hospital facilities across the U.S. and complete a three-year commitment at the hospital. After the nurse completes their contract term, they can work and live anywhere in the United States. 


Working with an agency guarantees a completed USRN process and employment in a US hospital. The USRN process involves many steps and financial responsibility, and we are here to help ease that burden. Interstaff covers all Visa-related fees and the nurse’s flight to the U.S., and we offer a competitive relocation package. We also provide NCLEX sponsorship.


Interested candidates must meet the following requirements to qualify:

  1. Be a Registered Nurse (BSN and Nursing Diploma accepted)
  2. Work full-time in an acute care inpatient facility with 100+ beds
  3. Have one year of current bedside experience
  4. Have an active nursing license
  5. Speak strong English. 

We do not require nurses to pass the NCLEX or IELTS before applying. Applicants only need an updated CV and an active RN license.

To learn more about us: 

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