October 5, 2022

Interstaff’s Specialized U.S. Relocation Process


The relocation stage is the final step of our EB-3 Visa process, beginning as soon as a nurse’s Visa is approved. We appoint each nurse with an Employee Services Coordinator (ESC) to guide them and provide one-on-one assistance throughout their time working with Interstaff. 

Before a nurse relocates to the U.S., we send them a list of apartment options near their hospital. The apartment’s website will include the monthly cost, the number of bedrooms available (typically 1-3), and the apartment’s location. We strongly encourage nurses to secure an apartment before arriving in the U.S. so we can assist them with the move-in process during deployment. Nurses may also request details about car companies, banks, and cell phone service providers for their relocation. The final step before relocating is to book the nurse’s flight to the U.S. and their dependents, if applicable.

Each nurse is greeted at the airport by their assigned ESC. The Lead will stay in the area for approximately 4-5 days and create an itinerary to accomplish as many tasks as possible. The main priority is settling into the nurse’s apartment, and once that’s complete, the ESC will begin orientation with all the nurses on deployment. The group will review Interstaff’s contract terms, information about their new hospital, who to contact for assistance, and much more! Other tasks include opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone with a U.S. cell service provider, buying groceries, going to Occupational Health appointments, and attending a nurse dinner to meet other Interstaff nurses in the area. If time allows, we will take nurses to view schools where their child may attend and apply for a license at the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Our US Relocation Manager advises nurses to “Trust the process. Interstaff and the hospitals are excited to have you start your career in the U.S. The most important point is that we want to set you up for success.”

We filmed a brief Relocation video to give an idea of the relocation process. Our total U.S. relocation package includes:

  • A free flight to the U.S.
  • A relocation payment upon arrival to the U.S.
  • The first month’s rent payment covered
  • Essential furniture for your apartment (Queen-sized bed, dining room set, couch)
  • All occupational health and/or licensing fees covered (to start work)
  • Free meals, needed hotel lodging, or anything else while we’re with you on a deployment
  • An Interstaff goodie bag with an Interstaff backpack and an Interstaff Tumblr

We’d love for you to join the Interstaff team. Please click here to apply for our Green Card program for Registered Nurses: https://bit.ly/3rxc8f3.