September 17, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (Part II)


Requirements & The Process:

I just graduated nursing school, may I apply?
Unfortunately, you will not be qualified. Our clients require two years of current experience in the same unit/ward. You may apply once you gain the required experience.

Do you offer an NCLEX review?
Yes, we do! We offer a free, three-month NCLEX review to all of our nurses.

How soon after I sign the agreement can I take the NCLEX?
The first step after signing the agreement is to complete the CES Report with the CGFNS. Once that is finalized, you will then begin review for the NCLEX. If you are deemed ready to test after the review then you may sit for the exam.

What does the CES Report entail?
CES stands for Credential Evaluation Service and it verifies your educational background and nursing credentials.

Do you offer any benefits to your nurses?
Yes! We offer health insurance, life insurance, workers compensation, professional liability, and more.

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