February 17, 2022




A Nursing resume should give a brief of your experience and skills. This helps your hiring manager, interviewer, or employer find what they are looking for quickly and easily if it captures their attention fast.  

Nursing Resume Summary 

A nursing resume summary is at the beginning of the resume and should give a concise description of your achievements, skills, and relevant experiences. If you are an experienced nurse, a nursing summary should stand out detailing the value you bring to the job you are applying for. A nurse who is starting their career will have an objective statement instead which highlights their goals, and can later be changed to a nursing resume summary as they gain more experience.

Tips that will help you write your Nursing Resume Summary: 

  1. Job Description
    Understand the job description of the role you are applying for so you can know what the employer is looking for and make sure you capture that in your skills.
  2. Create a Scannable Summary
    It should quickly and clearly give your relevant experience and the value you add by using adjectives. You can use quantifiable information which can highlight the number of patients you see or years of experience you have gained.
  3. Use Appropriate Adjectives
    Use unique and appropriate adjectives that give the employer more reason to pick you. Some of the adjectives you can use are; Compassionate, Patient-oriented, Professional, Dedicated, Experienced.
  4. Formatting
    Ensure to use either paragraph formatting or bullet formatting.
  5. Proofread
    Read through your summary and make sure it does not have grammatical errors and that you have articulated every point clearly. 

Hiring managers advise that you write your summary after you are done writing the CV. Make sure you adapt your Nursing Resume Summary accordingly to make sure it corresponds to the job that you are applying for.