January 6, 2023

Maximizing Your Unit Orientation


Effective orientation prepares nurses for their role in a healthcare facility, ensuring they are knowledgeable about procedures and protocols. But did you know that you can get even more out of unit orientation with the right approach than just knowledge? Read on to learn how to maximize your hospital or unit orientation experience. 

  • Get to Know Your Colleagues  

During your unit orientation, take some time to get to know your colleagues. Not only will this help create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can all work together, but it will also allow you to benefit from their experiences. Ask questions about the unit, its protocols, and any tips they may have picked up throughout their nursing careers that could be helpful for you. 

  • Become familiar with new technology 

In today’s digital age, technology is an increasingly important part of healthcare and nursing care delivery. Take advantage of your orientation period by familiarizing yourself with any new technologies used in your particular department or facility. Learn how to use them properly so that when it comes time to use these tools on actual patients, there won’t be any surprises! 

  • Develop a Relationship With Your Preceptor 

A preceptor is an experienced nurse assigned by the facility or department to help orient new nurses and guide them through their first few weeks on the job. Developing a good relationship with your preceptor during orientation will ensure a smooth and successful transition into practice. Establish open communication so they can answer your questions and provide support whenever necessary.  

Unit orientation is an invaluable opportunity for nurses—whether recent graduates or experienced professionals—to become familiar with their new workplace and develop relationships with colleagues and preceptors. By taking extra steps during this time, nurses can maximize their experience and ensure they start on the right foot in their new position.