Starting a new life in a brand new country can be exciting yet very intimidating. Interstaff’s goal is to make sure all of our nurses are at ease upon deploying to the United States. We do so by first scheduling a pre-deployment interview with our Clinical Director. During the interview, we discuss your work experience and skills to make sure we are placing you in the best hospital environment.

Upon deploying to the U.S., an Interstaff employee will personally pick you up at the airport to welcome you. The next step is to bring you to your apartment. It is already set up and has basic furniture. Over the next two days, we will help you establish a bank account, take you to get a cell phone, introduce you to public transportation to get to and from work, and also show you where to get groceries. After those steps are completed, you will visit your new hospital and attend orientation. This is an exciting time and we hope it is effortless and memorable.

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