It’s true that there are over 50 specialties within the nursing field. Each unit provides different care for different patient needs. Unfortunately, our clients have a select number of openings for each specialty and we have to hire accordingly.

Below are the specialties we currently have openings for:

Burn Unit | Cath Lab | Coronary Care Unit | Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit | Emergency Room | Intensive Care Unit | Medical/Surgical | Medical Intensive Care Unit | Neuro | Oncology | Operating Room | Orthopedic | Renal | Surgical Intensive Care Unit | Telemetry

Keep in mind that this list does change. Some units are added and some are removed. Coinciding requirements are that you must work full-time in a tertiary hospital setting and have at least two years of experience in your current unit.

If you work in any of the above units and not have completed an application yet, you can do so here. If you’re interested in applying but do not work in the units mentioned, an option is to transfer and apply once you’ve gained enough experience.