Typically, Interstaff’s entire process takes about 18-24 months. Completing the CES Report and studying for the NCLEX and IETLS requires a great deal of time. However, nurses who have passed the NCLEX, IELTS, and their immigration status is current, qualify for premium processing. Once all immigration documents have been collected, the process will then be cut down to 9-12 months.

In addition to premium processing, nurses who pass the NCLEX also qualify for the NCLEX Passer Bonus. The bonus is $3000 which is distributed in four amounts—the first being after I-140 documents are collected and approved.

Nurses can visit the Visa Bulletin’s website to see if their immigration status is current. On the website’s homepage, first, select the “Upcoming Bulletin.” If it is not available, you can select the “Current Visa Bulletin” to view the current status. Interstaff issues an EB-3 Visa so look at the A.  FINAL ACTION DATES FOR EMPLOYMENT-BASED PREFERENCE CASES category. In the third column, you will see a list of countries going across.

If your country’s name has a C under it or is not specifically listed then you are current and will not have to wait to file for immigration. If your country has a specific date listed (India – 01JAN09) then you must have a priority date before the given time. Nurses whose countries are backlogged 7+ years will need to wait to apply since it’ll add about 10 or more years to the overall process.

Immigration may seem like a burdensome task but Interstaff is here to help you throughout the entire process.