July 31, 2019

Retirement in the Nursing Field


The retirement age in the U.S. is currently 66 years old. However, since nursing jobs are so physically and emotionally demanding, most nurses expect to retire in their fifties. Working 10+ hour shifts, walking approximately three miles a day and lifting patients is too laborious for older nurses.

According to an article on Daily Nurse, nurses should start planning for retirement prior to their mid-30’s. There are a few steps to plan but the main component is financial planning. A good rule of thumb is to save about 15% of your salary each year. It’s also beneficial to receive guidance at work in terms of the financial resources your employer offers.

Another thing to be aware of is knowing what age to retire. The retirement age of when you’ll receive your full benefits solely depends upon which year you were born. So the percentage of your benefits that you’re comfortable with collecting is a personal decision. And it may be dependent upon how much money you have saved and the type of lifestyle you want to live.

There are many factors other that go into retirement, and it is best to start planning sooner than later so you can be as prepared and financially secure as possible.