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What Our Nurses Have to Say

“I'll never forget my first encounter with Rusty from Interstaff. He drove us to Del Rio ,Texas a 6 hours travel from Houston. I asked Rusty, "Am I dreaming that I'm in America? He said it's real Jem, you're in the USA."  After a month of working with Interstaff, we got our green card. I can't explain my happiness that very moment. We now own our house and my eldest son, Albert, is in college studying to be a nurse. My youngest, Paulo, is in 11th grade now and expects to graduate his high school next year, by God's willing. 

Without Interstaff I believe I am not enjoying of what I have now. I thank God I have the privilege of working with Interstaff, the service they provide to their nurses is unbeatable."

- Jemalyn Nebreja, AZ

16 years ago, Interstaff Inc., visited the Philippines to recruit nurses. Luckily I was one of the hundreds of nurses who were interviewed and was accepted.  At present, we are living here in Las Vegas, USA for 10 years now. I am currently working as a PACU nurse and teaching in 2 prestigious schools. Life is great because of what Interstaff did to us. For those who wants to join Interstaff Inc., you are in the right company, I am a living testimony. I am where I am because Interstaff helped me and I just followed through.

- Zarah Borines