July 28, 2022

U.S. Hospital Placement Process


U.S. Hospital Placement Process


Interstaff’s Client Services team manages our nurses’ U.S. hospital placement process.  Our clients (hospitals) send us their job openings, and we match that with our nurses’ current specialty and skillset. Other factors we consider during placements include:

  1. Family – what the spouse’s occupation is, whether they have small children who will need to go to daycare or those with special needs.
  2. Size of the hospital – we want to see our nurses excel,  so we prefer to place them in a hospital that is most similar to the setting where they worked in their previous position.
  3. Nurses’ preferences –  for example, if they have relatives within one of the states where we have client facilities.  

We want to highlight that we do not guarantee specific location requests in advance. Hospitals’ staffing needs shift daily, and so will the location options when your time comes. However, we do our best to consider a nurse’s preference during placement.

Once we find a potential hospital for the nurse, the Client Services team will submit a proposal (interview request) to the hospital. If the client accepts, our team will arrange an interview between the nurse and the hospital. We will provide additional tips and best practices to help you succeed in the meeting

After the interview, the hospital will deliberate on their prospective candidates. If the hospital chooses you, they will send an official offer letter for you to join their facility. You will bring the letter and other necessary documentation to the Embassy interview.

Interstaff is dedicated to obtaining new clients in new cities and states to increase our support nationwide. Click here to view our current list of placement locations.

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