March 9, 2020

Most Popular Sports in the U.S.


Sports are a very important part of a country’s culture. Below we’ve highlighted the top 3 sports that Americans hold near and dear.

  1. American Football – Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Teams in the National Football League (NFL) have the highest number of attendees at each game averaging over 67, 000 fans. The NFL is also responsible for the most anticipated game of any sport in the entire year: the Super Bowl. This game hosts the two best teams of the season. College football is also as popular as professional football.
  2. Baseball – Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and became very popular in the 20th century. Big-time names like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson are legends of the sport and represent major times in history. Today, MLB (Major League Baseball) players are among the highest-paid athletes.
  3. Basketball – Both collegiate basketball and professional basketball are very popular in the U.S. It’s also one of the most loved sports across the globe. Each NBA (National Basketball Association) match has about 14,000 fans in attendance.