February 10, 2020

Most Popular U.S. Foods


Different regions of the U.S. specialize in and prefer to eat specific foods. However, there are a few foods that are fan favorites among all Americans. Cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs, and buffalo chicken wings are a staple in American culture. There are over 50,000 burger chains across the U.S. and even more pizza restaurants. Needless to say, these foods are easily accessible just about anywhere you go.

The fun thing about these foods is that you can “dress” them a hundred different ways. Burgers typically come with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, but you can eat them with pickles, mushrooms, eggs, and more. You can also put any topping on a pizza: pepperoni, olives, spinach, and the list goes on. Hot dogs typically come with ketchup and mustard, but many people add relish, sauerkraut, or chili. Chicken wings are covered in a sauce instead of toppings. There’s honey barbeque, chipotle, garlic parmesan, and more.

Just remember that these foods are very greasy and high in calories. They should be eaten in moderation and balanced with nutritious meals. Happy feasting!