December 16, 2019

Length of the Process


The overall process takes about 18-24 months from the time a nurse signs a contract to the moment they deploy to the U.S. Timing varies per case and depends on the completion rate of each step in the process. Typically, the timeline will go as follows:

  1. Sign the contract
  2. Pay for and complete the CES Report with the CGFNS (1-3 months)
  3. Complete the state board application and fingerprint cards (2 weeks)
  4. Begin your NCLEX review (3 months)
  5. Pass the NCLEX and then pass the IELTS
  6. Collect immigration documents (1-2 months)
  7. Petition and wait for EB-3 Visa results
  8. National Visa Center and Visa screen (8-9 months)
  9. Embassy interview (30-45 days)
  10. Deploy to the U.S.

Nurses who have passed the NCLEX, IELTS, and whose country’s status is ‘current’ qualify for premium processing and experience an overall timeframe of 9-12 months.