Connected by Care


Are you an International Nursing Student? 

We're looking for Registered Nurses who are ready to launch their nursing careers with Interstaff!

What we have to offer:

What we're looking for:

We've been around since 1998, helping thousands of healthcare professionals just like you find their dream job!

We need licensed Registered Nurses. Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degrees, and Nursing Diplomas accepted, and NCLEX passers are prioritized!

We pay for your adjustment of status (AOS), compliance requirements, licensing, and more! You will meet 1-on-1 with our immigration expert to determine the next steps in starting the AOS process!

We seek those who are currently students in US nursing programs, especially those who still have OPT eligibility.

We're looking for those who are ready to launch their career in nursing in a supportive and challenging environment- with one of our many facilities with experience training and onboarding new-grad nurses!

We pay for your transportation to your new location, and a deployment specialist will meet you there. We provide a relocation payment, starter furniture, and more!

Connected by Care 

Interstaff surrounds nurses with a compassionate family network so they feel safe and secure to do the world’s most important job. For over two decades, we’ve helped nurses from all over the world discover and secure work opportunities in the U.S. Those successes are not only our own—they’re a summation of the diligent work from our staff, the exceptional nurses we proudly represent, and the hospitals that trust us to provide the best caretakers for their patients.

Nurses we've helped along the way.




"I love Interstaff, I really love all of you guys, you are so warm and welcoming."

"The process was demanding, but Interstaff was with me every step of the way."

"I am forever in debt to Interstaff for the unconditional support they have afforded me."

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