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Applicants must be a Registered Nurse (both BSN and Nursing Diploma accepted), currently work full-time in an acute care inpatient hospital with 100+ beds, have 1 year of current bedside experience, have an active nursing license and an updated CV, and speak strong English. If you do not meet all of the basic requirements, you may proceed with your application once they are met.  

Please note that although we appreciate your previous experience, our clients require current experience in an acute care inpatient hospital.  
If you are in the process of renewing your license or updating your CV, you may proceed with your application once your documents are ready.

  1. The very first step is a general application to see if you're a Registered Nurse and if you're currently working in an approved hospital.
  2. The second step is to complete a pre-qualification form where we simply ask for your credentials (CV & nursing license).
  3. The third step is a quick NCLEX assessment that tells us which type of review you'll need (no worry if you haven't studied before!). And lastly, your interview with our Clinical Nurse Manager. 
The total time depends on how long you take to complete each step. 

No—passing these exams is not a prerequisite for our program. We offer a free, three-month NCLEX review to help prepare for the exam and the IELTS is taken right before filing for immigration.

We do not! Nurses will incur a few costs throughout the process (CES Report fee, IELTS fee, etc.), but we do not charge a processing fee. We also don't do any paycheck withholdings.

We provide you with a dedicated agent who assists you with the entire process from start to finish, we offer permanent U.S. residency (EB-3 Visa), we take care of all your Visa application costs, there aren't any processing fees or paycheck withholdings, your first month of housing is covered, and you receive a $750 USD reimbursement towards relocation costs upon arrival in the U.S.

For nurses who abide by our timeline requirements, we offer a free, three-month NCLEX review along with covering the NCLEX registration fee. We also offer up to $750 USD towards travel fees once nurses return from sitting the exam.*

For international RNs (not Canadian & Mexican citizens), we previously quoted a timeframe of 20-24 months for non-NCLEX & non-IELTS passers. And nurses who passed the NCLEX and IELTS, and whose country's immigration status was "current" experienced a processing time of 9-12 months. However, due to COVID-19, we can't give an accurate timeframe at this moment.

You can view a step-by-step of our process here.

We place nurses all across the U.S. You can view our full, but growing, list of deployment states here.

Of course! Your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 may deploy alongside you to the U.S. Interstaff even handles their immigration process. You will just be responsible for their Visa fees (Interstaff covers yours).